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 Aspirespace Rocket Engineering Society

Aspirespace is an enabling international rocket engineering society based in the U.K. that trains up the next generation of rocket engineers and enthusiasts through hands-on rocketry projects, supervised and safety-monitored by professional rocket engineers.

We have three decades of experience in the design and construction of small rocket vehicles and associated hardware. Our activities include the design, construction and testing of rocket engines, rocket vehicles, and spaceplane prototypes, designed to explore new ways of cheaply accessing the fringes of Space.

The society is a membership-based organisation. Our members are engineers, scientists and other enthusiasts with an interest in building and operating rockets and space hardware, with the common goal of training for the new commercial Space industry.

Please join us on our quest!

To find out more about this exciting society, take a journey through our web site by selecting the links above. We update our technical papers regularly and there is a wealth of information here for the enthusiast.


Rick Newlands, Aspirespace Chairman

This website was last updated on: 28/06/2023

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Welcome to our website!

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Latest news:

Summer 2023: We're seriously busy! Building and testing a range of bipropellant rocket engines at our new test-site, and we're working on rocket-boosted gliders.

July 2022: Happy 30th birthday Aspire 1! On the 26th July 1992, our very first rocket vehicle was launched in France. For more details Click here.

Summer 2022: We’re out of Lockdown (again!), and have restarted workshop sessions.

Spring 2020: Planning this season’s firings schedule, and constructing turbopumps.

                   Debuting the Swift Mk 6 Spaceplane.

Spring 2019: We test-fire an exciting new hybrid concept on our new test-rig. Click here.

“Possint per cognitionem ad caelum”

Through knowledge to the heavens