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 Aspirespace experimental rocketry society

Getting Involved!

Aspirespace is a member-based organisation and as such it relies on the continuing support of volunteers and the generosity of individuals and companies. If you believe that access to space should not be limited to the lucky few, but should be available to all people who wish to push back the frontiers of human experience and if you would like to be a part of Britain's new space programme, why not join AspireSpace!

We are looking for people like you. Men and women who are interested in space and space related technology; people who share our dismay at the lack of official support for space activity in the UK, while other nations develop their own launch capabilities; people who want to spend their spare time working on one of the most exciting engineering projects in the country.

I don't understand rocket science!

Don't worry, most of it's about plumbing! Even if you don't know the first thing about rockets - the best way to learn is to get involved in one of our projects. There are also plenty of non-technical jobs that are essential to our success, e.g. organising sponsorship and publicity.

Where are you based?

This is how Aspirespace works now: we have members scattered all over the U.K: in Scotland, Bristol, and London. For example. Contact us, and we’ll try and pair you up with members in your area, however, most of our design work can be done remotely from home via email and Skype. If you have a garage or shed that could be transformed into a workshop, so much the better.

Perhaps you can form a student group to work with us, as Kingston Uni has. We have lots of research to do that can make rewarding and successful academic student projects.

I don't have enough spare time!

Neither do we! Our main core of members are graduates who are now in the our kid's nappies, unpaid overtime, and crumbling home renovation, stage of life; we do what rocketry we can, but we could do with more help, even just a small amount more.

If you have any questions, or think that you might be able to assist us in any way (we are always looking for materials and equipment) please contact us.