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 Aspirespace experimental rocketry society


One of our members has been struck down with the severely disabling illness Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (M.E.) which can leave him stuck in bed for months, unable even to walk to his toilet which is in the very next room. Other symptoms include the inability to stand or sit upright due to changes in blood circulation.

Like the rest of us, he really wants to get into space, and why shouldn’t he? In weightlessness a lot of his M.E. disabilities will disappear.

So we were tasked with the challenge of designing a suborbital craft that could loft him safely into space and back down again, whist keeping him flat on his back during the accelerations of launch and re-entry.

And so we conceived the ‘Spacedare’; so-called because after re-entry the bed flips over to have him lie on his stomach to glide gently home in the manner of the venerable ‘Dan Dare’ British comic strips of the 1950’s.

Full details of the Spacedare mission and the Spacedare craft can be found on a separate website by clicking on this link: Reaction for M.E.